Charity Liberals and Conservatives Who Gives?

Charity Liberals and Conservatives Who Gives?

By Dr. Barbra Bellar

“Compassion is the basis of morality.”
― Arthur Schopenhauer

Republicans are greedy so much so that according to New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, the GOP is the party of “hate.” Conversely, the Democrats and the left seem to believe they are the party of charity, kindness and compassion but who really is?

2014 study published by The Chronicle of Philanthropy found that “red states” reported higher percentages of giving than “blue states.”  In fact, the top-rated 17 states in giving are all red states. The five most generous states, (states that gave the largest share of their gross incomes), were Utah, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia, who give between 4.2 and 7 percent of their gross income to charity each year. All five of these states are solidly conservative. 

It is said that of the various kinds of intelligence, generosity is the first. The art of giving is a gift in itself, because it is a known fact that the more you give the more you get back. Some folks live their life with a mentality of scarcity, and thus find a compulsion to hoard, while others live their life with a mentality of abundance, and are not owned by their possessions.   It is easy to talk generosity but it is a whole other matter to actually live being generous. Is it a certain personality, is it natural,  is it genetic, is it related to class or income? What if we measure and divide it by party affiliation? If we examine the generosity I.Q. of Liberals versus Conservatives, which would you suspect would be found to be more generous? The going tendency is to believe simply being a liberal means that you would give away the shirt off your back and the farm to boot. Liberals in government have been known to spearhead many government programs to assist those in need; it can be easy to spend taxpayer’s money, willy-nilly! But when we consider the “generosity index” we see the cupboard is bare in the Northeastern states. When charities “open the books”, it is discovered that Liberals, largely Democrats, actually donate less money to charity than Republicans. So Republicans put their money where their mouth is. Putting money aside, and looking at another donating measure, we may ask who donates the most to blood banks. People in red states are more likely to volunteer for good causes, and conservatives donate blood more often than moderates and liberals, so much so that it is said the national blood supply would increase by 45% if the left matched the right in donations. Can we extrapolate to say “Conservatives are more generous than Liberals”? Typically, Conservatives give more to their church organizations and institutions of higher learning, while Liberals give more to the Arts, and Museums, However in almost anyway charity can be measured the right simply out gives the left.   One thing for sure we can say, that the Government alone cannot meet all the financial needs of the homeless and unemployed, nor should they as compassion is a human responsibility shared by all.

The left motives may be tarnished by creating a hook of dependency over the needy.  Dependency pays off in votes. The left does not have a market on compassion, nor the right on optimism and giving. It takes citizens of all affiliations, and beliefs, to contribute toward the support of all of society’s members. 

The act of noble giving is something we should all aspire to, it something we should all strive to do, it is something we all need to do. It something we all can do regardless of one’s faith or political ideology.